VFW Post 6187’s New Veteran’s Memorial

I’ve been in contact with a few local Veteran groups and John Holschuh is the head of one in particular. John and I have been in contact for a few years now and he’s been an avid follower of my works. A few weeks back, John informed me that the new Veteran’s Memorial in Fort Fairfield, Maine was going to be having it’s big unveiling on Veteran’s Day 2014. He wanted someone to take some photos and capture video footage of the ceremonies.

I arrived a couple hours early with my new assistant- Rena. We hauled our gear inside the post and set everything up, installed and checked batteries, mic check… you know the drill. Once everything was up and running, we headed outside to set up the video and mics. Everything was working properly, we seemed to have a decent seat, so I went off to snap some photos of the memorial.

There are 6 marble stones with beautiful etchings from WWI, WWII, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, the War in Iraq, and the War on Terror. These surround one larger stone in the middle. Behind and above is a flag from each of the Canadian and American Veteran groups, a POW MIA flag, and the US and Canadian flags… flying proud.

I am still in the process of editing the video footage, but below are some of my favorite images from the day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I.


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nice memorial. cant wait to see the video

Thanks for sharing these images from the VFW Post in Ft Fairfield. I wasn’t able to make it.

No surprise here. Great images.

Great job. Went and saw this place for myself a couple weeks ago. It looked great! Great work to everyone involved.

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