Freedom Fest 2014 | Fort Kent, Maine

Freedom Fest 2014 is an outdoor concert on August 9, 2014 at the Fort Kent Municipal Airport. The concert will raise funds for a Northern Maine Veterans Museum & Community Center. The Center is a joint venture of Martin-Klein American Legion Post 133, (501c19) and the Fort Kent Historical Society (501c3) the Northern Maine Veterans Museum & Community Center will be a community magnet open to the public to provide a place for veterans to congregate and share common experiences and interact with all generations; providing a living, breathing interactive education to young and old as to the true cost of freedom.

Raising funds for a Veterans Museum & Community Center

Musicians, in order of appearance below:
TENNESSEE HAZE of Madawaska, Maine
Gunther Brown of Portland, Maine
Forget, Forget of Portland, Maine
The Mallett Brothers Band of Portland, Maine
Kindred of Madawaska, Maine


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My husband and i got quite ecstatic when we came across this post. My camera died when we got there and I didn’t get any shots of the band. Thank you for everything!

I’ve seen a lot of images taken from this event and yours are above and beyond. By leaps and bounds. Keep it up.

Did you capture any video?

James, I wish I had! Unfortunately, I was hired to take stills.

This was a blast! I think I have have drank too much though. Is that me dancing like a hooligan in the crowd? lol

Wish I could have made it up that way. Looks like fun was had!

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