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That’s right! Britney Layne Photography has joined the PPA!

PPA-badgeWhat does this mean for you, my client? It means I have insurance coverage should anything happen before, during, or after your magical wedding day. This is another good reason why you should always choose a professional photographer to cover your memories. Unforeseen things (like Murphy’s Law!) happen all the time at weddings. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve heard of it happening, and it’s even happened to me. I never ever go any where without my camera tucked into it’s case, and one time, I was in a hurry… I put my camera on the passenger’s seat and headed to the reception area. Once I arrived, I opened the passenger door to grab my gear bag and wouldn’t you know… my camera tumbled out of my (lifted!) truck. I was devastated. I stifled my crying. Guests began to notice… Long story short, her wedding went off without a hitch!

Things happen. They happen to amateurs, they happen to hobbyists, and they happen to professionals- The only difference? Professionals are covered.

When you hire Britney Layne Photography, you aren’t just hiring me; you are hiring a team of professionals who are here to make your wedding day a memorable event.

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I loved the pics!! I have seen some of my own cousin’s pre weidndg pictures they are beautifully shot. Your pictures capture the excitement, chaos, nervousness, happiness, anxiety and all the emotions that the bride and the groom go through!! The best part about pre-weidndg pics is to see the phases thru which the bride gets ready to look so stunning in her weidndg great job u guys!!!


That’s awesome. We need more pros up here

A true professional!

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