Maternity Session: What to Expect

“A mother’s joy begins when new life is stirring inside… when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.” – Author Unknown

Beautiful Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnancy is probably one of the shortest times in a woman’s life, yet it is most full of anticipation, excitement, surprise and wonder. Some women feel their most beautiful pregnant. I encourage every pregnant women to consider maternity photography as it is a time to celebrate the gift of new life.

I’ve compiled some frequently asked questions with my own answers and suggestions:

“When should I get my maternity session done?” The best time to schedule a maternity session is between 28-36 weeks. It is best because most women are showing, but don’t risk missing their scheduled session due to an early delivery.

“Can my husband come along?” Absolutely, yes! I encourage all mothers to bring their husband. I’d like to include him in a few shots as well. If you have older children you would like included, that would be fantastic. This new addition is as much in their life as it is in yours. “Growing family” photos, if you will.

“What should I (we) wear?” Please dress comfortably. As with other sessions, try to avoid patterns in your clothing- stripes are the worst! Find clothing that is flattering to your pregnant body. Avoid clothing that looks ‘frumpy’. A solid-colored shirt, dress, or blouse would be ideal. If you would like to pose in heels, bring them, but I do not encourage wearing them in.

“Can we think outside the studio box?” Indeed. I am an avid on-location photographer. I find it more personal when a session is shot in a meaningful spot to the client. If it is cold out, layering will add depth to the photographs. Adding a brightly colored scarf or hat will add an element of fun.

“Do you have props? May I bring my own?” I have props in a wide array. Everything from ribbons to wraps, and blocks to signs. If you have something of your own (like a stuffed toy, wrap, scarf, etc.), or would like something personal made just for you, this can be arranged.

“Any other tips?” Your hands will be in some close-up shots, so clean under those nails. That goes for both mom and dad! Mom should take the day before the session to pamper herself. Take a relaxing bubble bath, get your nails done, your hair pampered, whatever relaxes you. You will look and feel most confident in your photographs when you are relaxed.

“Can maternity sessions be intimate?” Of course! The studio is equipped with black canvas curtains that can be closed at any time to ensure your privacy. Many moms like to capture fully nude shots of their pregnant bodies and I find this makes for simply stunning maternity photos. This type of photography is not for everyone, and will only be made available upon request. If you’re interested, please let me know when scheduling.


If you have any other questions not featured above, please contact me. .

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