Fort Kent UMFK Craft Show 2012

For those of you that do not know, I am a very crafty person and love to make things with my hands. My friend Jenna, over at, is the same way and it is wonderful! Jenna texted me asking if I would like to accompany her to the craft show at UMFK. Of course!

We met women who make soap, knit whole sweaters, build dolls, and create Christmas ornaments out of every day household items. It is always fun to get together with other artists and share stories and ideas. There were cookies make from ingredients I didn’t even know went together. Coffee cakes baked in mason jars, t-shirts turned into totes, and even fossils.

Saturday was Shop Local Saturday and that is just what I did. While at the show, I picked up some home made soap with only 3 NATURAL ingredients, two pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, the best peanut butter fudge I have EVER tasted, a t-shirt tote from Madawaska High School, and the most rockin’ scarf ever. The only thing I went there with the intention of buying was a scarf! For fifteen dollars, I think I did well.

We came across a lovely woman from Heavenly Scents who invited us to her place to show us how to make soap ourselves. You should have seen Jenna’s and my face light up with absolute glee when she invited us over. We graciously accepted her business card and told her we would give her a call. So, be expecting some photographs of soap being made in the near future!

Here are some photos from the show of some unique and cute items I found:

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