Frenchville Airshow 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity to book a spot on the media check-in list for the Frenchville Airshow this past weekend. I have been to many airshows before, but never as an adult. I have never been able to fully appreciate everything that goes on at and airshow. There is so much going on in the background to keep everything moving smoothly.

The airshow had many things going on between acts to keep everyone entertained. The show opened with a drum ceremony by the Wesget Sipu Drum Team and a fly over by a U.S.A.F KC10 Refueling Jet. Followed by a few planes taking to the sky to do a couple fly-overs for the crowd. The U.S. Border Patrol was also there. They had a K-9 unit there ready to do a couple demonstrations for the eager public. The first demonstration was a bag a drugs being hidden in a line of 4-wheelers. The second was of the same unit finding a small boy hidden in the tool box of a large truck. An RC helicopter took to the field for a review of it’s acrobatics as well. That little chopper can move! It was like chasing a bumble bee through a garden trying to get a photo of it. The Coast Guard had a helicopter at the show too. They did a couple demonstrations for the public and even let people into the chopper for photos and a closer look.

Now, the moment I have been waiting for… I get to finally go up in a plane for aerial shots! For those of you who know me, know how many times I’ve had this opportunity and it has fallen through. I was half expecting this chance to end just like the others- in disappointment. I cannot begin to describe how excited I was when one of the event coordinators, Jason Boucher, asked me if I was ready to go up. Boy, was I ever! I grabbed my friend Jenna and we headed toward a small plane, a Cessna, with the tail numbers N526WR. Now, at this moment, none of us knew Jenna was absolutely terrified of planes and flying. She was a champ even through the nausea. Diaphragm-breathing helps the most! There are some shots below of the very impressive St. John Valley.

After we did a couple laps in the Cessna, we took to the ground. Once we landed, we thanked our wonderful pilot, Walter Mosher III. I was offered a chance to go back up and capture the Flour Drop competition from the air. Well, duh! Like I’d turn down the opportunity to fly. I wasn’t able to capture very much of it from where I was sitting, but I did get some killer shots of the other planes flying around us. I was told none of the bags exploded and that most went riiight over the target and the hill it was placed on. Ha!

I hope you enjoy the gallery. Feel free to leave comments or share on your Facebook and Twitter pages!


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Nice pictures of K-9. Not to be picky but the K-9 and handler were from U.S. Customs & Border Protection not the Border Patrol. Border Patrol Agents were green uniforms.

Ahh… you are correct, sir. My apologies.

These images are superb. What a wonderful show those planes put on for everyone.


I want to go next year!

Spectacular. The one spiraling upward speaks to me. Is it for sale?

They are for sale! I offer a 16×20 print, framed and ready to hang for $99. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in my other limited edition prints of the St. John Valley.

Really, these are great. It looks like you had great seats!

These are wonderful pictures. Looks like they are having the time of their lives. How cool are those Bi-Planes!? I like those. LOL Great photos 🙂

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