Valentine's Day Boudoir - Tips, Tricks, & a Coupon!

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Eat right! For a couple weeks prior to your shoot, eat healthy, non-greasy foods and snacks. It will help clear up any skin blemishes and bring a vibrant glow. Drink plenty of water leading up to the shoot as well. Most people do not drink enough water each day and it shows in our skin. Bottoms up!

Find inspiration! Get on Pinterest- I know you have an account. Do a quick search for “boudoir photography”, or something similar. See anything you like or want to achieve? Make a board and link me to it. Let’s see if we can make it happen.

Glam up! This is your time to shine, so do what you need to do to feel your best. Haven’t had your hair cut in a while? I know some fantastic ladies! Thinking of getting a mani/pedi befour our session? That’s great! I have a neighbor who does mine and she is wonderful. I have a stylish on-hand for your hair and makeup, just bring your ideas of what you’re looking for. Speaking of which, bring a button-up shirt so we don’t mess that hair up!

Wear loose clothing! The last thing we want in your sexy images, is not-so-sexy sports bra lines or “cut lines” from jeans that are too tight. Arriving early will help with letting the lines diminish if they cannot be avoided.

Gel! Not for your hair, for your armpits. The white deodorant sticks leave a chalky, white residue. Try picking up a clear gel prior to the shoot.

Pack a punch! Bring outfits that accentuate your figure. Push-up bras and Wonder bras are great- until you lay down and they provide zero support. Try finding bras that aren’t extremely padded and form naturally to your breasts. Make sure it fits properly. Most women guess their correct bra size. If you’re not sure, go get fitted- it is usually free in lingerie stores. Bring a few different outfits- 4-5. Have an outfit for each mood you want to portray on camera. Some ideas would be fun & playful, dark & mysterious, sexy & sultry, or maybe even a T of his?

Shoes! Bring your sexiest heels, hosiery, garters, etc. Shoes can vastly improve posture, accentuate natural features, and diminish blemishes in the legs. Don’t like your legs? I bet you will after our shoot…

Accessorize! I know you have a pearl necklace you just love, but don’t get to wear often enough. Perhaps a hat you adore? Bring it!

Relax & breathe! Getting down to your bra and panties in front of a stranger can be a daunting task for even the most confident women. Relax. We have all the same bits and pieces! Breathe. At all of my boudoir sessions, I offer champagne and (usually) healthy snacks. For the Valentine’s Day Boudoir Marathon that I am hosting, there will be gourmet cupcakes instead of the usually healthy snacks. I also bring an iPod dock to all sessions so that you may plug yours in (or find something you like on mine) and get more comfortable. You’re a beautiful, strong woman. Don’t think for a minute that this is awkward for myself or my assistant- it’s just another work day. If it would make you more comfortable, I’ll get down to my bra and panties! Kidding. I can’t tuck lenses into my undies.

Smile! You look amazing.

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Britney Patterson Photographer