Three Words: Red Twig Dogwood

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A few days ago, my friend over at, Jenna, and I went on a little adventure. With cameras in tow, we searched for the blood red patches that can only be one thing up here in Northern Maine- Red Twig Dogwood. It is a hardy bush up here that not only survives the winters, but thrives on them. Crazy, right?

We were there to cut down the fresh dogwood. Sustainably so, of course. We cut only at the nodes, and no more than 1/3 of the plant. We didn’t cut too many from one patch, and we moved frequently. Here are some photos from our adventure:

The Red Twig Dogwood that we’ve picked is great for decorating purposes- often being placed into a vase or similar as a centerpiece, corner decor, or woven into wreaths while still green. The red color of the Dogwood makes it especially good for fall decorating. We’ve cut an even number of similarly-sized plants so that they would make a great arrangement for any decorative vase. These don’t need to be watered, and they’re beautiful upon drying out. They stay the vibrant red that you see when they’re living. Jenna and I have decided to start harvesting Red Twig Dogwood sustainably and selling it for crafts and decoration. The options available for purchase are below. If you are interested, please contact either of us.

Bunches available:
x10 12″-15″
x25 12″-15″

x10 15″-18″
x25 15″-18″

Larger sizes (48″+) are available as well.

I’ve also gone on a little bit of adventuring by my lonesome. On my way home from covering a Veteran’s Day ceremony at the Van Buren School for the Fiddlehead Focus, I stopped at probably my most favored barn up here. I snapped a quick photo of it. I am wanting to shoot some bridal shots with it. If you are getting married, and already have your dress, check the image below. If it is a location you would be interesting in using as a backdrop, please let me know. I will do it for 50% off for letting me choose the location.

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Britney Patterson Photographer