The Referral Program : Who Doesn't Like Chocolate?!

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How About a Box of FREE Chocolates?

We know warm leads are worth their weight in, well, candy and chocolate, so here’s what I’m hoping you’ll be kind enough to do.

…Introduce me via e-mail or Facebook to a couple you know who is engaged, a friend with a baby bump, or a Senior who is about to embark on their last year of secondary schooling, and you will receive a FREE box of luxury chocolates as my thank you for your referral. This is not limited to those three specific sessions, but any photography that I offer.

…If that lead turns into actual business, you’ll also get earn a FREE session for yourself! That’s a $125 value. If we have already worked together in the past, I will give you a FREE 16×20 print, on the paper of your choice – a $129 value!

It would be delicious to connect with you. Thanks in advance and have a sweet day!

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