Sylvia + Travis | A Winter Engagement

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36 degrees, partly cloudy, and windy as hell. I met up with Sylvia and her fiance’ Travis just before 4pm in front of their log cabin in the woods. It was absolutely adorable. Dark, chocolate brown logs, stacked neatly, one on top of the other. It looked like Lincoln Logs – life size! On top of the cabin was a bright orange roof. Sylvia was right- you couldn’t miss this place.

I got a quick tour of their land and Sylvia pointed out a couple spots she was hoping to utilize. They were great. They were well-lit, thanks to the Golden Hour. They were also 2 ft deep in snow…

We had some giggles, a couple heart-skipping drops into deeper snow, and an over all fun time.


Sylvia + Travis Storyboard

A quick selection of my favorite shots from Sylvia and Travis’ winter engagement session in Northern Maine.

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