Senior Ambassador Program - Aroostook County

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Hello, wonderful Seniors of the Class of 2015. What an exciting time for you!  You’re so close to starting the rest of your life!  It just so happens to be that time of year to start thinking about your senior pictures, and what better way to take advantage of Britney Layne Photography’s ambassador program?!

Britney Layne Photography is looking for amazing high school seniors with awesome personalities, and great style to serve as their 2014-2015 Senior Model Ambassadors.  Being an ambassador for Britney Layne Photography means you will have amazing images and huge benefits for showing off your session to your family, friends, and classmates!

You do not have to have any previous model experience or even look like a typical model to be chosen.  My decision will be based on personality, activities, and your eagerness to be in the program.  Keep this is mind when filling out your application… The more I know, The better!


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