UMPI Ballroom Mock Wedding

Congratulations on the Grand (Re)Opening of your ballroom, UMPI! I want to take a moment to thank you for choosing me to capture a very important day in all of our business ventures. It really means a lot. Below you will find your images from the day. These are RAW and SOOTC (Straight Out Of The Camera). They have not been edited yet. Obviously, if they need to be lightened, they will be, and vise versa. If you would like to see an image in b&w or in sepia, just let me know.

If you hover over an image you like, there will be a web address that appears in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window. At the end of this string will be “IMG_1234”. Those last four digits are your image identifiers. You are now free to pick and choose the photographs you would like professionally retouched for everyone’s advertising purposes. All the others will have basic color-correction.

With your images, comes a complimentary copyright release. This is different than the print release I usually leave my clients with. You are ALLOWED to use these for promotional purposes. The images you select will come in two forms- with my logo and without. The only thing I ask of you is to either use my branded image when posting online, or give credit to Britney Layne Photography upon posting an unbranded image. If these will be featured in print form, I also require acknowledgement to Britney Layne Photography.

Thanks, again, ladies! I had another amazing night with Tina and her crew, and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the new faces.

Questions, comments, concerns? or 207-436-0266