“You will appreciate them when you’re older.” — My Mother.

I remember our drives to Colorado in vivid detail- I was 10 on our first trip. I sat in the backseat for HOURS. DAYS even, bored out of my mind. I would read and become nauseated. I still get car sick to this day. When we stopped, be it for food, gas, or lodging, I would grab my mother’s 35mm film camera and “waste” a roll of her film.

My Mother recently sent me a flat-rate box in the mail full of photos. I stumbled across an envelope stuffed with the images I had taken from every trip to Colorado with her and my Grandfather. They were amazing…

I haven’t put a camera down since then, really. When I switched to digital in 2004, I thought I was going to save money by not having to buy and develop my own film- HA! Hard drives. God bless them.

“The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer.” -Unknown

Throughout high school, I worked with two of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Houston. It is with them that I learned professional shooting and editing skills- Everything from proper lighting, anticipating the right moment, and correct composition, to editing in the Adobe Creative Suite. While not with either of these two photographers, I worked at a local mall in a very well-known, national studio; Studio One-to-One.. I worked as Lead Photographer there and received many raves from clients, as well as repeat clients and word-of-mouth clients.

Also while living in Houston, I worked with a very prominent live music photographer. He also taught an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge to me about the music photography industry. I fell in love. Not with him, but the musical aspect of the photography world! I’ve been to ONE concert / show in the last 8 years that I wasn’t commissioned to be at. I kind of miss “seeing” a concert from the cheap lawn tickets. Maybe I just miss the experience back there… “I can’t believe we paid for these!”, “At least we can hear them back here?”, “Whatever. I am going to see if I can get closer.”, and then meandering from the lawn to the front and seeing how long it took to get kicked out.

In 2008, I moved to San Marcos, Texas with my very best friend in the world. Together, we started Eloquent Jayne. We shot primarily live music in the Live Music Capital of the World- Austin, Texas. I attended many SXSW events, ACL events, and just about every venue on 6th Street capturing images.

Shortly before moving to Maine in 2012, I started Britney Layne Photography. I am currently one of only two PPA professional photographers in Northern Maine.

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” –Imogen Cunningham



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