A Real Maine Wedding | Cynthia + Kris

On my way to Guilford, Maine on October 9, 2021, the fall colors were incredible. Stunning. I was so happy the leaves stuck around for this special occasion. The reds resembled the fiery glow of bonfires to come, the oranges mock the fruit named after them, and the yellows rivaled the sun.

I pulled up to the farm my GPS so diligently guided me to. It was perfect. Huge garden to the right, small animal barn straight ahead, and house off to the left. The trees lining the field out back, were perfect. The leaves were falling so eloquently, the underbrush was just high enough to add texture. I was in love. Then I met my bride, Cynthia. She was absolutely gorgeous.

She filed back inside to finish getting her children ready and I wandered off to explore the property with her future father-in-law. He showed me the garden, the fields, the thicket. I thanked him for his time and began shooting test shots of the area.

I heard the kids outside- talking about the chicken barn and I walked up to say hi. I like chickens too, so maybe this will be an open discussion for us to get familiar with one another. It was. And later, I would use the chickens as a bribe for the youngest of the boys to cooperate juuuuust a little bit longer. Then we could go play with those chickens!

We sauntered off to take a mixture of posed and candid lifestyle shots of the whole brood. Somewhere along the way, our best (little) man lost one of the wedding rings. Never, in my history of shooting since 2001, has this ever happened. I snapped a few photos and assured the bride she would look back on these and laugh – after we found that ring, of course!

Please enjoy some of my favorite shots from this most memorable day for Cynthia, Kris, and their beautiful family of their surprise elopement.

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