A Real Maine Wedding | Heather + Corey

The day started like any other day. A fresh pot of coffee to aid in the charging of the last of my Eneloop and Canon batteries and packing all of my gear into the truck. I met the groomsmen about 30 minutes early so I could capture all the details of their wedding and gifts. The drive was pleasant, the weather was amazing, and the sun was shining bright. We met at the Best Man’s home in Grand Isle.

I met the ladies at Coiffure Unique right on Main Street in Madawaska Maine just in time to catch all of the excitement of getting their hair curled, tossed, and pinned back perfectly. Everyone was full of laughter and the atmosphere in the salon was top-notch.

After leaving the salon, we arrived at Birch Point Beach, where I found DJ Adam worried about the storm clouds rolling in. I flew back to Madawaska and bought every large black umbrella they had left so it would tie in with their wedding colors : Black, Red, and Gold. It was beautiful. You could see for miles across the lake and it took me a moment to take it all in. The groom waited patiently for his bride-to-be.

Heather and Corey brought their friends & families together at Birch Point Beach on Long Lake, Madawaska, Maine. This is a Real Maine wedding and I am pleased to have been a part of it. Congratulations you two!

The wedding was amazing, fun, and romantic! Here is a collection of some of my favorites from this real Maine wedding I was invited to attend…

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