Drowning Pool | Make America Rock Tour 2017

I was a big fan of Drowning Pool back in high school. We all remember “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”, right? Right.

This was my first time seeing them live, and it was freakin’ phenomenal.Jasen Moreno, the lead singer, crawled INTO THE CROWD to sing a song with them. That’s a first for me, and I’ve been doing this a loooooong time.

Before the show, I asked random band members I saw walking around if they’d ask their band mates if they wouldn’t mind me being on the stage for images, and this is the first band I happened upon. Really nice guys. As you can see, they didn’t mind at all.

Don’t forget to check out the other bands in the Make America Rock Tour lineup; Kindred, Adelitas WayTrapt, and Scott Stapp! Just click on their respective band name.

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