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Every once in a while I like to rent a luxury suite in a local hotel for mini boudoir sessions. Unlike many photographers, I have a strict limit on the number of women I allow to sign up per day – 5. I feel like cramming more women into the day guarantees that not every lady will leave with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. An experience that every woman should have at least once in their lives. I refuse to create mediocre images when I pride myself on thinking outside of the box.

I push my clients to step out of their comfort zones. I think the best art and images are created once we have stepped out of this invisible room we all rest calmly within.

My boudoir clients enjoy a clean, luxury suite stocked with fresh fruit, fruit juices, water, champagne, coffee, tea, and crackers & cheese. Not only do I provide nourishment, but also included is a professional hair and make up artist. I also bring along shoes, garter belts, thigh highs, evening gowns, white button-up shirts, mirrors, scarves, bed linens, many strands of pearls, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc…

I strive to create a memorable experience that you will want to brag about. Here is a little something my past boudoir mini session clients had to say about their personal experiences with Britney Layne.

“I did a boudoir session with Britney Layne as a Valentine’s gift for my husband. I had a fantastic time!!! Britney and her assistant made me feel comfortable from the start. Very professional and down to earth.

I would do this all over again and I’ve got some sexy pictures for my husband. I recommend that ALL women do this at least once in their lifetime. My self-esteem and confidence are through the roof.”


I wanted to do something different for my husband for Valentine’s Day & what better way than to do something COMPLETELY out of character for me like this!

I am super shy & quiet & am usually the one that runs away from the cameras. I was so nervous when I got there & had no clue how I was going to be able to get through it but they were so professional and made you feel beautiful so the time went by so quick!!!

I would totally do it over again!!! Thank you Britney & Rena for such a great experience!!!


This shoot is something I needed to do for myself- to show myself the improvement I have made after losing 65 lbs.

Sure my body is no where near perfect, but one this is for sure the comfort and professionalism that Britney brought during the shoot made my nerves ease (I was so nervous my insides were trembling on the drive there!!) and my light shine through!

Yes!! I will do one again but once I get to my next personal goal! Just an incentive to push a little harder- oh & my hubby will sure love this idea 🙂

Thank you again for this beautiful experience & allowing me not to be shy about my body but love it!!”



I hope you will venture out to the next boudoir mini session marathon hosted by your very own, Britney Layne.

A few other images from our past experiences:

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I had a wonderful experience. Britney does a great job at making you feel comfortable with yourself and letting your inhibitions go. It was a fun time and my fiancé was very happy with the pictures.

Thank you SO much, Cheryl! I am beyond elated that you and your husband enjoyed the experience. 😀

Britney is AMAZING!!! She knows how to catch your best side, hide your flaws but not have to photo shop them… We are who we are bc of those flaws and her shoots make you realize that and love yourself for who you have become. Thank you so much for making me love myself and in turn my husband is a REALLY happy man as well!!

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