Wedding Photography : You Get What You Pay For

“Price is what you pay; Value is what you get.” -Warren Buffett

At the point when selecting a wedding photographer, there are three imperative components you ought to remember: personality, the photographer’s style, and expense. The first two are character traits unique just to that individual and can’t be replicated. The third component changes because of numerous diverse variables. Let’s discuss each in order of importance…



First and foremost, are the character and identity of the person who you will contract to photograph your day, and welcome as a visitor to your wedding. These qualities may not be the first thing you ponder when picking a photographer, be that as it may, it will unquestionably be the most paramount component in the decision-making process.

The most clear part is to figure out if you like the pictures and style that this specific photographer needs to show you. Before you even schedule an in person interview, it might be useful to peruse through that photographer’s site. After you have scoured pages and pages of samples, your instincts will help you decide on those photographers you would prefer not to see and encourage you to figure out which ones you do. It is most critical to be charmed or energized by the pictures a photographer brings to the table. In the event that you have made an appointment or chose to visit the photographic artist, chances are you are keen on their work, but this is not generally the most paramount element.

What is personality?

Since you are in this photographer’s studio or space, the questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do I like this individual?
  • Do I trust them to handle such a paramount day in my life?
  • Do I feel great with this individual?
  • Will my loved ones like him/her?
  • Would I welcome him or her to my wedding?

You could discover the Ansel Adams of wedding photographers, however in the event that he or she irritates you in any capacity and you are dead set to politely disregard that fact, the main individual who is going to suffer is you. The point is, if you dislike your photographer for any reason, your wedding pictures and your memories are going to be reflected upon as though looking into a filthy mirror.




The second component and practically just as critical as personality is the photographer’s eye. That is, the way he or she sees and catches the wedding day. This interesting attribute divides one photographer from the others, and is viewed as “the photographer’s unique fingerprint.” As such, a photographer can duplicate another’s style, but the truth of the matter is no two photographers see precisely the same way. When taking a look at diverse photographer’s portfolio, truly pay attention to how and what they see.

  • Do the pictures move you?
  • Are they enthusiastic?
  • Do they tell a complete story?
  • Are they masterful and imaginative?
  • Are they genuine, and do the individuals look comfortable?

Out of every photographer you met with, whose pictures did you gravitate towards the most? For the most part, the response to these inquiries, and the conclusive inquiry “Who is the right photographer for me?” is just an internal voice away. Simply listen and trust.




Lastly, expense. You have likely put in hours, if not days, of your time questioning photographer after photographer and now you have discovered the ideal one for you. The pictures are stunning and he or she has an incredible identity, and everything feels right. Be that as it may, your inward voice picked somebody who is somewhat out of your funding. What do you do?

Regarding the matter of expenses,ask yourself an imperative question:

After the wedding is over, what am I going to have left?
Answer: Your portraits and your memories.

In the end, everything else is going to be overlooked, recalled just through photos. As per a study run by the biggest web wedding site, the most repeated regret couples had is that they wished they would have used more of their budget on their wedding photography.

Looking for a wedding photographer is similar to purchasing a house: you get what you pay for. In both cases, the buy is focused around feeling. Purchasing somewhat more than you can manage the cost of is sort of a wise venture that you will love, as long as you have invested the energy to discover the perfect one for you.

All things considered, it doesn’t mean there are not ways to maximize your dollar. One route is to purchase all albums and images, anything you may need in advance as a feature of a bundle as opposed to purchasing a la cart a while later. Another way is verify you understand what it will cost prior to, rather than after the fact. Once in a while, photographer’s collections give off an impression of being less extravagant from the get go, then after the wedding you get hit with additional items you didn’t anticipate. At that point, you wind up using more money than you would have with a photographer who appeared to have been more costly.

Don’t commit the error of weeding out photographers on the grounds that you called or messaged them for their fees and afterward checked them off your just because they surpass a certain dollar amount that you decided wedding photography ought to cost. Discovering an incredible photographer is much like finding an extraordinary restaurant. Let’s say you were to call around to ten separate eateries and ask, “How much are your suppers?” If you never take the chance to meet the owner, taste the food, or experience the feel and appeal of the restaurant… you can’t settle on an informed choice. These things make feasting an extraordinary experience, and basically, approaching them over the phone won’t provide you with the same information. Instead, go taste the food. Wouldn’t you feel better spending more later on, on the grounds that you cherished your photographer and your pictures were so incredible you want to purchase every last one of them… than to get shorted of what you envisioned and wind up using more than you imagined?

In summary, there is no mystery equation or one photographer who fits every single couple that approaches them. What divides the great from the awful is subjective depending on each person’s preferences; truth be told, art is subjective. Simply verify you feel incredible about the individual you contract and see a refinement in their work. Give watchful thought to your photography plan and put as much as you can into that part of your wedding. At last, you can’t bear to be disappointed when the curtains are pulled on your wedding day.

“Looking for a wedding photographer is similar to purchasing a house: you get what you pay for.”



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I will never understand why people think they are going to get great wedding images for $500….. sometimes LESSSSSSS!!

I opted for a $500 photographer and I regret it. SO MUCH

Where was this post when I got married 8 years ago?!

Everyone loves what you are doing. Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the excellent works Britney.

I’ve added you to my personal blogroll too!

Thank you, Velma. I wouldn’t change my “job” for the world. Love it.

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