2014 Christmas Card Swap

Hi there, ardent readers!

This time of year always leaves me kind of down and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. I am 1,903 miles away from my family and some of my closest friends. It’s tough being that far from everyone… or everything you know. Especially around Thanksgiving, Christmas… and then my birthday.

To cheer myself up, I give things away. Like the $500 gift certificate I gave away last week. Did you miss out? We already claimed a winner so, look for it next year! Here’s something else I do every year around this time…

I like to collect addresses from my followers, readers, past clients, or even random people who’d like some Christmas cheer. Why? Because I enjoy the “holiday card” swap. It’s fun. It keeps you on your toes when you’re checking the mail. They’re fun to have lined up on a shelf. Who doesn’t enjoy opening mail that isn’t a BILL? Can I get an “amen”?!

I’ll start. My PO address is below. Feel free to send a “holiday card” and I’ll return one!

Britney Layne Photography
PO Box #422
Madawaska, Me 04756





**I realize not everyone celebrates the same holiday around this time of year, so for political-correctness, I’ve used the words “holiday card”.
Feel free to send any card you’d like. I will be sending out Christmas cards- it’s the holiday we celebrate.**

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Thanks for the card!

Beautiful card. Thanks so much!

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