Video: VFW Post 6187 | New Memorial Ceremony

November 11, 2014, my assistant and I headed to Fort Fairfield, Maine to shoot the Grand Opening Ceremony for the new Veteran’s Memorial at the VFW 6187 Post. Heading the ceremony is John Holschuh, the Commander of the VFW Post.

I could sit here and explain it… or you could just click “play”. If you wish to watch it in 1080p HD, click on the YouTube logo in the bottom right of the video frame. This will take you to YouTube, where the video is being hosted. Once there, you will see a little sprocket in the bottom right of the video frame. Click this sprocket and then on “1080p HD”. Tada!

Thanks to all our Past, Present, and Future Veterans.

[youtube video=”4nAj06nfNyU” width=”700″ height=”420″]

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Great work, as always, britney,

This was wonderful!

Thanks for sharing this. I wasn’t able to make it. Just glad I get to see it now.

Thank you! You really did a great job!

Thanks for sharing such great articles, videos, and photos!

I will be bookmarking your articles. Really good stuff!

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