Stephanie + Sheldon | A Real Maine Wedding

If I can’t smell coffee brewing when I wake up on the day of a wedding, I get anxious… I’m already behind at this point! Alas, I woke up to the fragrant aroma of dark roast coffee on this special day for Stephanie and Sheldon. Everything was going as planned already.
I began checking my packing list for the wedding ahead of my assistant and I, and double checking all the paperwork, times, and places involved. My assistant Amber showed up right on time, and by “right on time”, I mean early- Just the way I like it. We loaded our gear into her truck and hit the road towards Presque Isle, Maine.
A little over an hour into our drive and we stopped for a quick lunch at Arby’s in town and grabbed a few extra batteries and memory cards- You never know! Once we had lunch, we formatted our cards and headed to Mars Hill for bridal portraits where our lovely bride, Stephanie, was getting ready with her mother, father, and a few other close friends and family. Everyone was buzzing around giddy from the activities to follow.
After these intimate moments were captured, we moved over to the ceremony and reception venues to capture detail shots. Their rustic ski cabin at the Aroostook State Park was magical. The lighting was soft and romantic, the atmosphere was warm and inviting, and the decor was to die for. Falls colors all around- deep browns and vibrant reds adorned the tables. Each table was complete with a fall centerpiece full of red twig dogwood, cattails, and wild oats. Our DIY groom burned his and her initials into small slices of wood for each guest to take home.
The ceremony area was well-placed and nestled in by the lake at the park. In the background, across the lake are rustic, one-of-a-kind cabins. Sheldon, our groom, built a beautiful wooden bench and arch. Draped across the front were burlap flags spelling out the word “L-O-V-E” and it waved perfectly in the wind. Down the aisle here real twigs, and tied to them… deep chocolate brown ribbon, leading our bride to her groom. The area was standing room only and both sides were full of excited on-lookers.
Stephanie Stiles and Sheldon Hyde brought their families together lakeside at Aroostook State Park on August 30, 2014 in Presque Isle, Maine to celebrate the blending of their two wonderful families. This is a real Maine wedding and I am pleased to have been a part of it. Congratulations you two!
Hair and Make Up: Heidi Miller
Wooden Signage: Heidi’s Crafts
Cupcakes: Steven Milliard
Second Shooter: Amber Gabriel



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This was a wonderful blog about our special day! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to leave us with some fantastic photo’s of our special day!

I’ve been thinking about having my wedding at the Aroostook State Park as well. Great photos!

Love the location they chose. And the colors in the cabin are to die for. SIMPLY TO DIE FOR

Nobody can do a better job than you!

Thanks for your post. This wedding is simple, rustic, and still chic. I like their style.

What a simple, yet beautiful, wedding. Great pics.

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