A Girl & Her Horse | Portraits in Northern Maine

Last Christmas, I had a crazy sale on my Gift Certificates for professional photography in northern Maine. A local woman here in Madawaska, bought a few for some family members and close friends. One of the recipients was to be a young teen girl with a very spirited horse named Jasmine.

I met Desiree’s mother at their house in town and followed them out Flat Mountain Rd. to the stables where they keep their horse. Rolling hills of green, with random fields of gold, covered the countryside. It was absolutely breathtaking. This… is why I love Maine.

She bridled Jasmine and off we went to the nearest field… to begin her teen portrait session with her horse…

We trekked through a couple fields, down a road, and right into a patch of beautiful purple flowers. Jasmine was far too consumed with nibbling on the flowers for us to stick around for too long.


The last photo depicts just how “spirited” Jasmine was at this shoot. Moments prior to this, Desiree was bucked off. All is well with her, but she has decided to sell the horse.

I kinda wish I had the room for her.


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The mood in these photos is great. Spot on!

These colors are phenomenal. I sent you an email.

Beautiful landscape. The house is stunning.

These are phenomenal, Britney. I love following your work. It’s beautiful up there.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful images

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