Finding Wedding Vendors is NOT Simple, People.

How do my brides pick and choose their vendors?! Oh. My. God.

My first mistake? Posting an ad on Craigslist detailing exactly what I wanted from potential vendors- a link to their website, a link/pdf to/of their prices, and to tell me a little bit about their company. Sounds simple, right? (I’m saying this a lot lately.) Wrong!

Vendors! This is to you, so pay attention. READ THE WHOLE AD! Tailor your ready-made response (we all use one) to each ad you respond to. Please. Also, do not bulk mail a response to me without BCC. How unprofessional is that? I can see that you sent the EXACT same response to 13 other Craigslist ads. No two brides are alike. When an ad clearly states what they would like from you, please respond with that information- no more, no less.

Being on the receiving end of so many emails has really opened my eyes to the whole process. It’s crazy. It’s a circus. Some of the responses I have received are, well…

  • One photographer responded with a before/after picture of a woman (totally natural) that he transformed into a smooth, mannequin-like doll. That’s it. No other information. NEXT!
  • The tag line for this vendor had something about “swag” in it. I don’t even know what service he offers. As soon as I saw that word… NEXT!
  • One vendor actually sent the same response to me and 13 other brides in one email. No BCC. No formal introduction. NEXT!
  • I had a DJ from Bangor argue with me over charging me $600 in travel fees (+$975 for the DJ services!). As if I don’t know how much it costs to make that drive in a truck, stay in a hotel, and drive back? NEXT!

I have reached out to certain vendors I really like with personal emails detailing my event and what I am looking for. One person responded. O-n-e. How, as a vendor, do you expect to gain clientele, if you don’t even respond to your email inquiries? This is driving me nuts!

Another tip? We don’t like when your website blasts music over our speakers. It is startling. Most of us close the website immediately, instead of searching for the stop button. You could have really great work, and we will never know because of the obnoxious music. So, do us both a favor…

I need a photographer. Oh, the irony.

Side note- I know who I want to stand beside me, I have a baker, I know a DJ, and I have my eye on a certain officiant downstate. We picked our colors, a “theme”, and have started our invite list. This wedding business is hard work, ladies.

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Spot on with this write-up, I actually believe that this web site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the information!

Agree with your words.

I quite like your site; Keep up the good work. I am going to get back to you and continue reading content made by you. High five!!

Are there any professional wedding vendors that you would recommend to Aroostook County or northern Maine in general?

I have a small list of vendors in the Madawaska, Fort Kent, and Van Buren, Maine area that I recommend:

You got that right!!!


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