Aroostook’s Own Jenna Beaulieu

All I want is to persevere in the remembrance of things beautiful, of things terrifying.

Mr. Photo told me she was “a cool girl”, that she was very “chill and down to Earth”, and that our code word was “Peanut” should I want to leave. We headed towards the hills. I was nervous- as I am when I meet any new person. My palms get sweaty.

Mr. UpCountry was a childhood friend of Mr. Photo’s. We went to visit him and his girlfriend, Jenna. Their home was beautiful; full of wood, high ceilings, and large windows. I liked their style already. We were introduced- she was quiet. She had an artsy feel to her. One of the first things she asked me about was my photography. She Facebook stalked me!
I found out she is a writer. A very busy one! For the first few months, I didn’t know if she actually liked me, or if she was just appeasing her boyfriend. I wanted to hang out all the freakin’ time! She’s not only a great writer, but she knits well, too. I received a wonderful scarflet for Christmas that year from her.

Our friendship blossomed into something inspiring.

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The colors in these photos really pop. I like it. It looks like you two had a blast!

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