Bee Jay’s Foam Party | Ft. Kent, Me

Two Saturdays ago, I was approached by a local DJ to shoot an event for him. He explained to me that he had recently made a new purchase of equipment and was going to be using it in a big way very soon. I don’t think I knew exactly what I was in for when I took the job. I came home filthier than my last trash the dress shoot- in the mud!

DJ Adam invited me out to Fort Kent, Me for his foam party at Bee-Jay’s Tavern on Main St. I had never been to a foam party (surprise, right?) and I don’t think any of these folks had either. Most sat in awe of the machine for a good while. Around 11pm, Adam and I were suspecting no one was interested in playing with the bubbles (what?!) and I nonchalantly told him the bar crowd comes out at 11 in Houston- in hopes of bringing his spirits up.

11:15pm and masses of people flooded the gates…

You can get in touch with Adam “DJ Adam” Ouellette with the following information:

(617) 777-4977

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great party! where do they get the fake bubbles? causal parties can be fun, but still my favorite party is a little bit formal so i can dress up like princess

Um…they aren’t fake bubbles. I believe that bubbles that exist.

This made me laugh, but I assure you… those are man made bubbles.

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wow that looks like it was a blast!

Your events are great. Lighting is top notch too.

These are fantastic. The lighting looks great and I love the expressions you captured. You truly have an eye.

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