Patience + Peter Wedding | Lonesome Pines Trails

Last year, upon moving to Maine, I decided to do my largest giveaway ever! Many entered and one lucky person won $500 towards any photography of their choice. Patience was my winner and I couldn’t be happier with who won it! She has been one of my funniest brides; she has been one of my “realest” brides; and she has definitely made an impression. I had the absolute pleasure of working for her and her fiance’ Peter at Lonesome Pines Trails in Fort Kent on June 1.

The day started like any other day. Charging the last of my AA and AAA batteries, packing my gear into the car, and writing the directions down (in case I get lost!). I left to be about 45 minutes early so I could capture all the details of her wedding. Not only did my GPS take me to the WRONG ski lodge, but my directions were wrong as well. I stopped and asked two nice gentlemen on their porch how to get back to where I needed to be. Thanks so much to those two!

Back on track, I arrived 15 minutes early. To my defense, it takes a long while before you can turn around on some of these Maine roads! The wedding was amazing, but not without hitch. They never are! Here is a collection of some of my favorites from the real Maine wedding.

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You capture people’s weddings in a way no one else up here can. Beautiful.

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