The 2013 Madawaska 100 With Special Guests RaveX Freestyle

I have never been on a snowmobile.

I repeat, I have never been on a snowmobile. If it’s anything like a jet ski, I feel like I may enjoy it far too much.

I learned a lot about snowmobiles today. People love Yamaha, they laugh at Ski Doo, and Arctic Cat seems to be the way to go, even though their brake plug pops out. That’s a whole different story though…

I began the day with a young man by the name of Chip. He took me out on the track and showed me where to stand so I wouldn’t die. This track is huge. I have photos from on top of the hill at the starting point looking over the course. You can’t see it all it is that vast. Chip taught me a lot about snowmobiles. I’m sure I seemed quite ignorant to him…

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