Organic Food Here, Organic Food There…

Last Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Chris and Betsy Hallweaver of North Girl, LLC. They may be two of the most profound people I have come across. They have picked up a friend’s vision of fresh, organic food that was lost to cancer. He had come so far that the Hallweavers couldn’t stand to see it all be wasted. They found a kitchen on Loring Air Force Base and began production. Northern Girl services New England and all of Maine, even us folks WAY up North.

I began by driving around Loring for fifteen minutes looking for the address on a building which has no address prominently displayed. I asked a nice passerby, but she had never heard of Northern Girl. I drove around for a bit longer before stopping at the Loring Job Corps security office. To my surprise, the nice lady already knew who I was looking for. Glad to see security is on top of things!

She directed me to the building right next door to their security office. D’oh!

Of course the first door I try is locked, being as I am holding 2 totes full of props, my camera gear bag, tripod, and laptop case. C’est la vie! I entered the building near the loading dock and cautiously entered- not knowing if I was even at the right part of the building. Fortunately I was!

Chris and Betsy met me in the kitchen with warm smiles and strong handshakes. They are the cutest couple. We talked props, colors, textures, lighting, and a few other topics. Design, styling, and presentation were key points for the shoot. I started by unloading all my gear and setting my camera to the appropriate setting with a few test shots. I captured a few photos around their kitchen- decor, ingredients, and food already on the stove.

The guests started arriving shortly after and everyone came together and started conversing, cooking, and grazing on fresh carrot sticks.

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