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I’ve been doing a lot of SEO and web presence research and it seems as though I should be blogging a bit more. So expect it!


Some friends went to the Presque Isle Fair with us and their kiddos this weekend. 158th annual fair. It’s hard to imagine something lasting that long, right? I’m just glad I had the chance to experience it. Everyone who had been before was disappointed by the lack of awesome adult-targeted rides, but I didn’t mind. It was still a blast. Here is a photo mash up of some photos I snapped. Expect a few more similar mash ups.

Presque Isle 158th Annual Fair
Rides from the Presque Isle Fair


I was planning a shoot at a local farm in Presque Isle for later this week, but I think we may get rained out. I’ll give it a couple more days and check the forecast again. There is always next week I suppose. Besides, we could use the rain. We are actually in a drought up here in Northern Maine! Surprising, right?


I am becoming more and more active on my Twitter and Facebook pages so be sure to check them out! I post random free shoots, discounts, and contest more regularly on there.



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